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Will I Qualify?

Age and Physical

  • Applications accepted for women between ages 20 and 30
  • BMI 28 or below
  • All racial and ethnic backgrounds accepted


  • No nicotine usage of any kind, including cigarettes, patches, vaping
  • No usage of illegal drugs
  • Cessation of recreational drugs prior to and during cycle
  • No anti-anxiety or anti-depressants unless approved (understanding that your health takes precedence)
  • Light to moderate alcohol use
  • No felony convictions

Donor and Family Health Requirements

  • Donor free of autoimmune disease
  • Donor STD treated and resolved for at least one year 
  • Donor Normal Pap Smear in previous two years
  • Donor, Parent or Sibling free of Bi-Polar Disorder or Schizophrenia diagnosis
  • Parent, sibling or child with serious medical condition occurring prior to age 50 ineligible


  • All 50 States
  • International travel may have some restrictions


  • High School Diploma required
  • College or Vocational preferred