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Outsource Your Donor Pull-Through with Donor Egg Network
Expert, Comprehensive, and Time-Saving. 

Outsource your Donor Pull-Through by trusting in Donor Egg Network to provide the most comprehensive and streamlined process from application to cycle-ready, following your Donor requirements and parameters. 

Questions? Please see below answers that may address your concerns and feel free to download our postcard for your team. For a direct response, please contact us. We pride ourselves on seamless communication.

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What You Need To Know

Do we need Donor Egg Network?
We provide the most comprehensive pull-through process available for Egg Donors, which allows your staff to devote their time to communication and tasks for cycles in progress.

Donor does not qualify; do we pay anything?
No… you owe nothing for Donors you do not accept.

Donor cycles, do we owe anything else?
No… Donors are yours.  We will sign a “non-poaching” agreement if desired. 

Donor qualifies, but we do not wish to proceed.
We will do our best to find the Donor a cycle elsewhere as we understand that non-CDC clinic criteria vary. We wish that every Donor willing to provide this invaluable gift is given the opportunity to donate.

Donor is accepted but is MIA before we match?
DEN will send an introductory email.  Once the Donor responds, she is in your clinic’s capable hands.

Pays for Donor Pre-Screening Evaluations?
Donor Egg Network pays for Pre-Screening.

For AFC, too?
Yes, DEN hopes to contract for a discounted rate for AFC.

Reports will we receive?
Yes, you will receive Donor Intake, Phase Qualification, and Fallout Disposition.

Will we receive reports?
Yes, you will receive Quarterly Reports with Annual Summary.

Donor’s ancestry report put her at risk for being identified?
Not at all. We have selected a program that does not disclose family member relationships—aside from famous person relationships!

We have access to additional Donors vetted through Donor Egg Network?
Yes! Through our relationships, your clinic/egg bank will have preferential selection and pricing for Donors available through our clinic network… AND… you will be paid for Donors you choose to provide to our Donor Community Database.  You can add and remove Donors as you please.

Donor consent to recipient family relationship?
Her choice. We will inquire and confirm consent, if agreeable.

Are pre-screening evaluations performed?
Evaluations are contracted through respected and widely utilized companies.

Will we receive access to records and pre-screening results?
All results can be viewed through our Donor Egg Network Provider portal.  Upon completion of pre-screening evaluations, DEN will provide completed profile and reports for review and approval

Do we receive Donor Disposition Reports?
Yes! We have a systematic process and will provide Quarterly Reports with an Annual Summary.

Long will it take to pull-through a Donor?
Pull-through takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Still have questions? No problem, please contact us.


Unsurpassed Pull-Through Expertise

Phase 1 : Application

Initial Application

Educational Video


Secondary Application

Photo Submission

Video Submission

Supplemental Data Collection

Profile Completion


Phase 2 : Background

Medical Records Review

Previous Cycle Records Review

Felony Background Check

2-Year Pap Confirmation

Availability to Travel Consent

Personal Contact Consent

Responsibilities Consent

Records Review &
 Consents Completion


Phase 3 : Pre-Screening



Ancestry Confirmation

STD, Drug and Hep Screen

Genetic Carrier Status

Genetic Family Tree

Psych with PAI

Pre-Screening Completion